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May 31

Fanny Bay Oysters

Shuck it Forward - Bikers for Autism

Posted by Fanny Bay Oysters

Shuck It Forward Bikers for Autism event

May 29th was the 2nd Annual “Shuck it Forward” oyster shucking contest at Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar. This competition is a collaboration between  Bikers for Autism and Chewies to raise money and awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder. This year 21 shuckers from BC and Washington State joined the competition, including Issac Martin del Campo and Tylan Fraser of Fanny Bay Oyster Bar.

The first 7 rounds of shucking narrowed down the competition to 9 shuckers that made fast, clean work of their first plate of 18 oysters. The semi-final rounds saw Issac move forward with the fastest time to the final round. The final round saw Johnny Dejong, a new addition to the Chewies team, throw up his hands first, quickly followed by Issac. It brought the final down to the just split second of difference that meant the judges had a thoroughly inspect each oyster and add time accordingly.

Isaac of Fanny Bay Oysters is the winner!

The announcement was finally made that Issac of Fanny Bay Oyster Bar had taken the win. This was our new bar’s first time competing, and we were thrilled to be welcomed by Vancouver’s tight knit oyster bar community. We were also glad to help raise a lot of awareness and money for the cause that this non-profit is so passionate about. If you would like to know more about Bikers for Autism please see their website